FT-S600 Angle Board Machine(V Profile)

FT-S600 Angle Board Machine(V Profile)

yinon FT-S600 Edge board machine (angle board machinery,Edge Board Machine)integrated with internally advanced PLC computer programming technology, variable frequency speed control and a control system for human-computer interface parameter input and display, is a highly automated, fast, stable and reliable equipment for manufacturing paper angleboads which is the most advanced in China and the only one that has been granted several national patents. The operating principle is as below: base paper is unreeled via the paper feeding holder; put through the glue rack to get coated with glue and then through a taping mechanism; then through the pressure wheel sets to receive intense rolling; and finally through a synchronous oil-hydraulic type cutoff bench to be output as finished products. The equipment is characterized in that

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The main products involved packaging machine, paper machine, angle board machine, edge board machine, edge protector plant, angle protection line, automated equipment.