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Yinon hardware machinery factory was established in 2000. It is an enterprise that specialized in advanced and exact automated machine equipment, development and manufacture of paper machine. The main products involved packaging machine, paper machine, angle board machine, edge board machine, edge protector plant,edge corner machine, angle protection line, automated equipment. Yinon is the latest and specialization enterprise which contact, introduce and product paper angle protector equipment in domestic. Our paper angle board machine is the most advanced, Highest-automate, highest production speed, highest production efficiency and the easiest to operation equipment.
It is a first enterprise which makes PLC apply into paper angle protector equipment. We just cooperated with the famous machinery equipment enterprise from Taiwan. Introducing advanced production crafts and exact technology for customer service.
Currently, our main products involved in paper angle protector, paper pipe production equipment, Minute cutting machine, Entire automatic high speed sticks the box machine, cardboard production line and cardboard compound device and cardboard equipment.

FT-S600 Edge board machine

FT-S600 Edge board machine integrated with internally advanced PLC computer programming technology, variable frequency speed control and a control...

 FT-S610 angle board machine

FT-S610 angle board machine

FT-S610 angle board machine Automatic Packing Industry Use Paper Laminated Corner Board Machine Hard Angle Edge Protector Machine

 FT-S620 U-Profile Edge board Machine

FT-S620 U-Profile Edge board Machine

FT-S620 U Profile Corner Board Making Machine For Honeycomb Manufacturer film wrapping,important part like panel and server will be wrapped with foam.

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